Stock Indices


Stock Indices

Trading on stock indices is nothing but options that are traded where the underlying asset doesn’t refer to a particular company but an index that holds multiple companies across various Sectors under them. The best thing about trading on stock indices is that the trader or the speculator is generally exposed to a wide market range as the index is built from multiple industries rather than just quantifying their trade exposure within a specific market range. All stock indices that are available for trade under the platform can be traded either on Cash Trade or Future Trade.

As the Stock market index is the measurement of stocks under the index, its price is generally compounded from the prices of those selected stocks under the index. The price movement on one company stock would make speculate the movement on the indices too. The bigger the company the larger would be its contribution to the indices market. Some indices refer to the stock market of one particular nation and largely reflects the investor sentiment of its economy.

The below is the list of Major Equities that are available through our platform,
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