The Equity market is generally the stock/share market; where the equity shares of companies are traded in exchange for the desired value per share/stock. The money that is raised by the companies is generally used to expand the business and generate more revenue for the company and the shareholders. While the shareholder not only benefits from being a part of the company by holding its share; they are also paid the ‘Dividend’ while they hold that particular share for a desired amount of time.

Any individual who has a ‘Demat Account or Trading Account’ can generally trade through any registered broker. The stocks are generally bought & sold in a dematerialized form where the details get stored/ saved under the trader’s name in their Demat account or Trading Account. The equity market is considered to be a much more volatile as it has all direct/indirect effects on it for all reasons that affect any country where they have a presence.

Given below is the list of Major Equities that are available through our platform,

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