Trading/Investing in different types of commodity products is generally referred to as commodity trading. While there is no much difference in commodity trading and stock trading, the former involves in buying and selling of commodity products instead of company shares or equities as of the latter. Commodities generally cover a whole sphere of products that generally includes every other agriculture products, which is directly or indirectly affected by the demand/supply market. While the price of a commodity is directly related to the supply & demand, which causes increase in their price value while the supply is low and vice versa.

All commodities that are available for trade under the platform can be traded either on Spot Trade or Future Trade. While a Spot Trade refers to buying/selling the underlying commodity at the current buy/sell market price with the no expiry date, that particular product can be continued to be owned with no restriction to time. Whereas Future Trade is generally a contract between two parties to Buy/Sell the underlying asset only for a limited period of time. This literally translates to the contract tenure/roll over date.

Given below is a list of major commodities that are available for trading through our platform,
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